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rms hanover the cuncurent flagship of nativity liners

Nativity Liners or it's abbreviation NL was a British shipping company founded in 2013 by bryannnnn123 (now AcroIect). The company was mostly known for owning the R.M.S. Porter, which was the lines first successful ship. The company's first ship was the R.M.S. Pacifica which sunk in April 2014. Since 2014 the company's flagship was the Rms hanover wich became later part of the Royal mail line

In 2015 AcroIect (Then BryanPorter) announced that Nativity Liners would close down and would be taken over by it's rival, Royal Mail Line (Which was owned by NL at the time of it's closing.)

Liners in service at the time of closing down Edit

RMS Hanover

RMS Grandure

RMS Duchess of Sutherland (Was operated by Royal Mail Line on behalf of Nativity Liners sometimes)

Rms porter

the rms porter nativity liners first successfull ship

Former liners Edit

RMS Porter (sunk after being hit by torpedo. no one was killed in the attack)

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