this is something with do with rms authentic which sank in the cold atlantic in 1916(november 2017 in real life)

here is my story(.the start wont be true,the rest is real on roblox)

i was walking past pamsameria shipping line docks when i saw a crowd building up.i went over to find out why their was a crowd.they said to me rms authentic,which i know as one of the biggest ships and deemed unsinkable,had sunk in the cold atlantic.i could not believe minite its their,the other its gone.i was shocked.they said a inquiry was soon.(this is when it gets real).i was sad that authentic was gone,so i went to the inquiry around 15 minites said about a torpedo hiting the ship,but i heard people saying that the captain escaped in a lifeboat.i then lost my breath,and shouted"I BELIEVE THIS PERSON HERE".i was kicked soon after while finding a new seat.i rejoined and sat down.the inquiry concluded the ship was hit by a torpedo,and false repairs at america from a iceberg happened earlier.when i asked the judge what next,he said "i really don know,actually".i felt like germany should be punished.i wanted to wack them.i joined the hosptal service and went on rms crypitic,but fate proved more.months later,i was in for a true taste of war