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This wiki is about the Passenger Line Community on Roblox. You may add/edit a page about a Passenger Line or Ship on Roblox. Please read the rules below before changing any part of this wiki.


These are the basic rules about creating pages. 

When you create a page about a passenger line on Roblox, it must say the following things:

1: Current (and past) executives of the company. 

2: All possible information about the fleet including pictures. 

3: Builders for the group  

4: Notable members 


When you create a page about a ship, it must contain the following facts: 

1: Name 

2: Ship Prefix (E.g. RMS, SS, TSS)

3: At the very least one picture of the ship that shows it completely.  

4: The company that operates the ship  

5: The owner (Or builder) of the ship  


If you create a page about the sinking of a ship, you must provide the following information: 

1: The above information about the ship   

2: Two pictures, one of the ship before and one during sinking. A wreck photo is recommended but not needed.   

3: The total death count


Do not vandalise or damage this wiki. You will recieve a warning and a block. If you continue to destroy the site, you will get a permanent block.

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