The S.S. Tech is a small passenger liner designed by Acrolect. She has a dining room and a grand staircase.

S.S. Tech

She made over 96 voyages.

The SinkingEdit

While in the English channel, she was carrying 890 passengers. then at 1:00 pm she

was torpedoed by a German U-boat. she sunk in only 45 minutes. 30 minutes after the torpedo explosion, she started listing to port. There were around 543 deaths. one thing that happened 

S.S. Sinking

Final moments of the S.S

Final moments of the ss tech

while sinking is when a collapsible lifeboat fell upside down on the deck and fell into the water. the captain was captain Jim Glenn who sadly died of hypothermia in the water.

The WreckEdit

The S.S. Tech lays 567 feet below the surface and lays on her side at a 70 degree angle



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